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FRESCO based in Mumbai, India is a novel company incorpirated in the year 2015. Fresco city is the brainchild of three young enterpriser giving a smooth competetion to its peer in a qualitative way.
Initiating operation from Maharastra, the base state, it has planed to spread its winning strait in variuous states of India in years to come. We have initiated manufacturing and distribution with our two division namely, Fresco Cafe and Fresco Pharma
The Client is the only focus we have born with and that is not a mere word for us but a living practice with dedication. Customer love to reciprocate with enthusiasm to deal with us thus helping as encouragement to offer customer satisfaction to their expectation.


Vending machine

We have the resources to provide our clients with comprehensive vending machines & emboded services customized to meet the needs of any size businesses. Offering maintenance, replace & repair services to give you everything you need in the terms of assistance in smooth running of your business with our machines..

Fresco City Mumbai Fresco City Mumbai

Distributing Pharma

solution to your health needs

Pharmaceutical products and its distribution in the country is set for a major change in coming days.To be a proud winner in the competitive eara and be a part of health care system by contibuting in a novel way is our mission.

Fresco Pharma Mumbai


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